serendipity: peonies

Although not a traditional Australian Christmas flower

we could not go past these at the market this morning,

Avid readers of ‘Victoria’ will be familiar with Peonies.




img_1398Although Le Chat Noir looks totally relaxed, he knows he in not allowed on the table.

I am sure he thought that looking cute next to the beautiful flowers would be sufficient excuse to be forgiven.

perhaps he was right…


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3 Responses to serendipity: peonies

  1. Liz Burgess says:

    Hi Jane!

    Your pictures of the flowers are absolutely beautiful! (I am getting a little tired of red, white and green!)

    Hope your Christmas celebration was memorable. Ours was wonderful!

    How’s the new place coming along?

  2. Lorrie says:

    Those peonies are gorgeous! And your summer photos look exotic to me as I sit and gaze out on our winter wonderland.

    Merry Christmas, Jane


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