Blog Advent Tour: 23rd December


thanks to Marg & Kailana

for giving us this great tour.

The blogs have been fantastic…

with just 2 sleeps to go I thought I’d share some thoughts about

Christmas in Australia.


Some key ingredients are required:


did I say heat?

oh I meant H E A T!

And a few flies…

an increasing hot wind, and the potential for a storm and rain (which will occurr at the worst possible time no matter where you are or what you are doing)

Children up early, cicadas singing;  just so we know it’s going to be a stinking hot day.

Brekkie on the verandah: coco pops, bacon eggs toast, fresh mango, juices, spilt of course.

Relax for 10 mins before the turkey has to be stuffed and the vegetables prepared.

Kids riding bikes or whatever new form of kiddie-transport is the in thing. Up and down the street, the howls when they fall, crash or can’t stop/get off.

‘Relees’ arriving for lunch wearing horrible outfits.  Bringing their annual offering of whatever

“Mum you said Auntie Shirl wasn’t gonna make mince pies this year”.

“Oh mum, do we have to eat Auntie Phoebe’s pudding? It’s disgusting”.

A mad scramble for each and every chair in the house, or garden.

“Mum can you get Uncle Rod to stop telling me I’m cute”

“Mum I am not sitting next to Cousin Wayne, he reeks of grog…”

“Steve put some music on love will ya”?

“Aw mum she broke it”

Mum and her helpers are dripping sweat in a still un air-conditioned kitchen

(Next year Luv, I promise)

The kids are at the little tables and the adults at the big one. Covered with butchers paper and

red wrapping paper down the middle, the tables that is not the guests. But hey give them time.

Matching paper serviettes. Green paper plates and plastic cups. Gold crackers. Ya gotta have crackers.

Enter the food:



mountains of roasted veggies

a plate of greens




cranberry sauce (the youngsters like this new fangled stuff)

Sweltering in close to 40 degrees. Everyone hoping for a breeze.

“Mum can’t we bring the fans outside?”

Ah, here comes the traditional Christmas pudding.

Fruity and heavy, just what over full stomachs need.

Hot custard poured thick and a dollop of King Island Cream.

“I know what the Doc said luv, but it’s Christmas”.

“Time for the Queen’s message”.

“Mum I’m hungry”

“Mumm she hit me. “

“Mum, mum Uncle George is telling that joke”.

Mum mum mum!

This scene can be relocated to the beach:


This is proposed about mid November as an attempt to lessen mum’s load

(but it’s really to add cricket to the day)

Everyone out of the car…

“Who has the wickets?”

“Aw I don’t want to be Ponting. I wanna be Johnson”.

and to the above ingredients you will need to add:


more flies


salt water


and flies.

Maybe some seaweed.

Overheated kids, and sticky 30+ sunscreen. Hats, towells, water toys, buckets spades, aerogurard.

Did I mention flapping umbrellas and sand on the blanket, in the food. Uncle Joe sprained his ankle bowling

and Jenny wants to bat again coz she wasn’t ready.  Emma is mortified to be seen by school friends.

Don’t forget the Stingoes for the bites…

and well there you have it: a great Australian Christmas.

I will be having a relaxed pleasant breakfast in air condtioning with just 3 friends. and one cat.

I will rest and watch DVDs all day. Make and recieve some phone calls.

Pehaps eat a sandwich in the middle of the day. Or stone fruit?

Then sensibly dressed,  with a touch of glamour I will travel to a local resturant

therein eating food bought cooked and served by someone else.

While they slave over the dishes, the valet parking service will return the car.

A brief journey home. A rest to digest, then a leisurley dip in the pool.

For me though whilst all this is fun, or not.

The day will be poignant as I contmeplate the birth of Jesus Christ.

and celebrating without my mother.For the first time.

May Your Christmas Be Merry and Bright.

and safe..above all safe.

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7 Responses to Blog Advent Tour: 23rd December

  1. Louise says:

    Wow. I was away on my own Christmas vacation so I wasn’t able to check in here on the right day, but I want to wish you a belated Merry Christmas down under. Still think it must be weird to celebrate Xmas during summer 😉 I am in Denmark, and it is dark and cold and now that Christmas is over, frankly I can’t wait for some heat! HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  2. Liz Burgess says:

    Now I know how your Christmas celebration went! How lovely and descriptive! Sounds like there were a lot of people around. Hope that helped a little with you missing your mom. I’m sure she is happy knowing how you are carrying on with the traditions!

    My best to you in the New Year!

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m amazed you still cook turkey in 40 degree weather. I’d do something simple: a salad? But the beach on Christmas does sound lovely. Too bad it’s freezing here…

  4. A-M says:

    Sounds like a perfect day Jane. Have a wonderful Christmas! A-M xx

  5. kailana says:

    Great post! I had a laugh!

  6. Considering that it’s snowed more days in the last week than not. The beach looks very inviting for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your Australian Christmas sounds like fun even with all the heat.

  7. Memory says:

    Your Christmas sounds like a ton of fun – and do I ever wish it were 40+ here! Oh, for warm holidays…

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