Through My Eyes: annual review


Best book: ‘Rhett Butler’s People’

Best film: ‘Mama Mia’

Best song : All things ABBA

Happiest moment: Being with mum

Saddest moment: Knowing she wasn’t coming home

Most fun: Getting tartie toes with Miss V!

Thing you learnt : to be patient

Thing you wish you had already known: that some things never change

Biggest challenge: Life without mum

What you loved: getting pedicures and good haircuts (thanks mum)

What you loathed: the silent treatment

Favourite buy: my camera

New skill (s): photography, WordPress, FaceBook

New food: Caminbert

Favourite Shop: $20 shop at airport (the Melb one closed)

Best Bargain: My new bed

Can’t give up: 1000 thread sheets

Greatest Delight: My own domain

Cutest People: ALL my grand daughters.

Naughtiest thing: choc binge at Easter (after mum died)

Feel free to copy the list and add your own thoughts. Link back if you like.


About Jane

Learning through living and writing the lessons
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