THE BIG WET: 3rd time is unlucky for Brisbane

mac-robertsonimage by mac robertson

marcus-mestrumimage by marcu mestrum

naomi-ruleimage by naomi rule

jodi-coxrain by jodi cox

chris-fowlerimage by chris fowler

adam-smithimage by adam smith

marc-robertson1image by mac robertson

these photos are from here the credited photographers are local people.

the weather forcast:

District Forecast

Friday: The chance of a gusty afternoon/evening thunderstorm, moderate to fresh W/SW winds with an afternoon NE sea breeze.
Saturday: Early rain, possible late T’storm
Sunday: Dry.
Monday: Fine.

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One Response to THE BIG WET: 3rd time is unlucky for Brisbane

  1. Liz Burgess says:

    These photos are spectacular! I’m always amazed how storms can be so scary, yet are so interesting.

    I will email you pictures of the California fires that you are welcome to share with your friends.

    It’s 35 degrees in Missouri right now!!! Brrrrrrrrrr

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