Big Big Wet during Big Dry: Brisbane Storms

Toowoomba & the Darling Downs took a fair beating.

I can’t find images yet. The Gold Coast had thunder lightening and heavy rain.

Brisbane had the worst…


the storm rolls in – the Wednesday storm, there was one sunday night. We are getting another tonight – Thursday. There were 7 hours of heavy rain.


city roads were flooded. ABC radio took calls from people reporting flooded streets, power cables down, & people stranded.


in typical aussie style this couple have declared they will rebuild. This damage is from sunday night.


overnight this creek rose above the small wall on the extreme right.

overflwong-water-gaugeremember we are officailly in a drought and have been for several years. this rain gauge overflowed. the owner has never seen that happen before.

thoughts and prayers are going out to those who have suffered through this natural disaster. we are not through it yet.

the humidity is rising and we are being warned that tonight’s storm is building now.

all images are from HERE


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2 Responses to Big Big Wet during Big Dry: Brisbane Storms

  1. A-M says:

    We had the most terrifying storm here last night (East Brisbane). Hailstones as big as golf balls. My little one sat shaking like a frightened bunny on my lap for 1/2 hour. The electrical display went on for hours after. Hubby and I have never seen anything like it before… so much instability. A-M xx

  2. Miss Peach says:

    Oh Miss Jane! I am ever so sorry that it is raining so much and ruining so many lives in your beautiful country. I live in the desert and wish we had a little rain. California is having a dreadful fire problem and could use your rain too.
    I have met your Chat Noir….very lovely kitty. Black kitties are very secure in their felinehood so it is no wonder your bed must be shared!
    I also enjoyed your black & white photo selections because a kitty can only see the world through B&W images. Mommy was most impressed with the purple trees! She loves trees…
    I am glad you liked my cinnamon carnations…they are so sweet smelling and last forever in a vase.
    Well I need to eat and go take a nap in the middle of the bed:)
    Love Miss Peach

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