halloween downunder?

I met these Halloween pumpkins in Oxford St Balmoral. I was really surprised I have not seen them in Australia before. The $18 converts to $11USA …I understand these pumpkins are about $2 to $3 in America.

Just carve eyes and a smile in the front and and then lop the top off, and scoop out the pulp and insert a candle for an eery effect.  I have no idea if you can eat them…do you?


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One Response to halloween downunder?

  1. Liz Burgess says:

    Hi Jane!

    Those pumpkins look really nice. Yes, we lop off the top, scoop out the pulp and seeds, cut triangle eyes, nose, and crooked-teeth smile. We put a votive candle inside and light it. There are companies that make very detailed stencils to use when cutting out a face or picture.

    Some people use the pulp to make something to eat, but I don’t. What I do is put all the seeds on a cookie sheet, cover them with butter and salt, and bake for about 10-15 minutes at about 350. They make a tasty treat!

    I think the clock I was talking about was probably on one of the sites that you link to. Sorry to confuse you. Of course, I cannot find which link it is now!

    I’m still tweaking the blog, trying to find a suitable header, etc. I moved Tootsie’s picture down to the blog where I introduced her.

    Hope you have a great Halloween!


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