The final debate and the last straw.

I am not an American Citizen. Neither do I reside in the USA. I am not employed by an American.

None the less I am intensly interested in the process of electing a new President.

I have followed along since the candidates annoounced their commitees of enquiry, and through the Primarys, Conventions and into these final weeks.

I have watched the debates, and the VP debate. I have read much analysis of the debate contents, and results. . I have thought, and wondered, and considered.

I am not going to state when my preferences lay, (for as my dad taught me ‘Men died on the beaches of Gallipoli so that I might vote in secret) however I will tell you that I couldn’t stand the final debate. I tried to sit through it all, but could not. I just shook my head and turned it off.

In the interests of a fair ballot it is to be hoped that the ‘Bradley effect’ will not occurr, for a man’s colour is not relevant. Perhaps in the end his age is. I am not sure that experience matters much. Look what all the experienced Presidents of the past have done. I’m not sure if previously being a Govenor helps or hinders.

Being Patriotic certainly helps. And yes, USA loves its’ war heroes….was this so, before Kennedy? Or yet another legacy?

I think being honest is very important for the Candidates. Which begs the question, the information that was incorrectly stated in the debate – was it an honest mistake? Or otherwise?

I see ‘Joe the Plumber’ is getting his 15 minutes of fame, as well as being suggested as a VP for Sarah Palin when she runs for President in 4 years. But is he a pumbber and is he really Joe?

..only in USA, and not even in Texas. But hey after the nomination of Govenor Palin, I guess it really is true, if you are born in USA – anyone can become President.

17 days to go.



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