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As a result of childhood rhumatic fever, I have had 4 open heart surgeries. In 2000, at Prince Charles Hospital, in Brisbane 2 artificial valves were placed into my heart. I had previously had my damaged mitral valve replaced twice, with pig valves.  These are the closest to human tissue. Now I have 2 metal valves that tick away day and night, night and day: at least in unison. (I had a 2nd open heart op 10 days after the 1st surgery to correct a rare complication)

My 1st surgery as a 20-something was in the late 70’s, and from then to 2000 (expected to be my last surgery) the progress made in post operative ICU care was remarkable. Indeed the whole process is so much easier to get through, but none the less challenging, even daunting.

Through my experience I have noted cardiac surgeons are rather unique group of people. Most tactile of all Drs, with wide smiles, and a gentle manner. They bring great love along with incredible skill, and our hearts are repaired in more ways then one.

Watch the smiles, humility, and caring gestures of the Drs in Banglaore in the youtube clip below.

Open heart surgery, or rather the need for it can be rather scary. However,  the experience of this life saving surgery is most remarkable: frankly awe-inspiring.  It changes your view of the world, forever.  It is almost impossible to accuratly relate. The surgeons understand.



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