Joie de vivre (Joy of Living)

in these troubled times

Top Stories (see what I mean?)
(CNN at 1am Monday MY time)

we need to remember what brings us joy….

What does the the charming french phrase

joie de vivre [zhwah de veev-ra]


enjoyment of life [French, literally: joy of living]

evoke for you?

* * *

Join me in posting an image (preferably yours) or naming a item,
or event that
bought you Joire de Vivre this week.
Post on your blog and feel free to link back here that we may all share.


* * * * *

Wuthering Heights Weather.
For me, the joy of this photograh is not the weather it shows arriving, rather being able to capture it at all.
I had given up trying to snap lightening – that’s advanced stuff to me…
so the joire de vivre came from the sense of accomplishment, after the delight of looking and actually ‘seeing’. The little patch of blue is a reminder that just as before, beyond storms there will be better days.
Scroll down for the cute sms that came through.

I received a text message from an Aussie friend in Abu Dahbi:

‘Just saw camels while on the way to the office. Ha’


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Living through writing and Writing through life.
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