The phone rings…


“Do you have a passport?”

“Yes.” (I recognise the voice)

“Is it current?”


“Can you check?”

“Yes, but, Oh No don’t you have one?

“Can you check?”

I get it and check.

“Yes it’s current. Don’t you have one? You leave on Sunday!”

“I didn’t think I would need one, I thought New Zealand and Australia are basically the same country”.

“You think what?” – indignation followed by great gusts of laughter.

“I can’t believe it – you are so organised”.

So we spent the day in the city, having completed the forms and photographs, and found a qualified person to sign them.

I went to lunch with a friend.

Here is the view from her office, straight down from the 24th floor.

Meanwhile back at the Passport office….

You’d think a concierge desk would know just what offices and Departments are in their building.

The appointment was missed after a hike to another building proved fruitless. Though not entirely, they knew where the passport dept. was, they knew it was in the 1st building. Hence the appointment was missed. Come back about 3pm…

A three hour wait allowed for a brief return to my old area and we had a lovey visit at Meredith’s Cafe ( I have to look up the name) on Merthyr Rd.

Recommend the raspberry cake, so light and so delicious.

A gentle breeze and charming ambiance…

then back to the city. I take the car up the hill and park in shade. Calls back and forth trying to get the photo signer online for the Dept.

I relocate the car and find myself opposite the old Mill.

Looking up (left) and looking round


For more photographs go HERE

click on top grey tab.

♥ Jane


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Living through writing and Writing through life.
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