IKE: Before he arrives

IKE: image from NASA

Ike: satellite image. He is as big as the state of Texas.

The first fingers of Ike reach Galveston.

laughter in the face of danger ?

above & below

The full force of Ike is not due to arrive for a few hours.

* * *


When they awoke on the morning of September 8, 1900, the 38,000 residents of Galveston, Texas were unaware that this day would be their city’s last.

Galveston took the full brunt. Hurricanes were not named back then. It was generally thought the hurricane would turn and hit Florida.  It was believed Galveston was completly safe.  Overnight,  the island was all but wiped out.

with one in six residents killed, including 90 of 93 orphans, and the 10 nuns who tried to save them. Crews were given whiskey to drink in order to be able to cope with the heart rendering task of recovery and torching the funeral pyres.

I have done a lot of research on the 1900 Galveston hurricane, the worst natural diaster in USA history.

So far..

What might Galveston look like in a few days?

* * *

Hopefully everyone has gotten out, way way inland.

Our thought & prayers are with you.


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