The World Remembers…

a day “which began like any other and ended as none ever has”

Bloomberg Mayor of New York

* * *

“On a day when buildings fell, heroes rose,” President George W Bush.

* * *

“Today we renew our vows to never forget how this long struggle began and to never forget those who fell first,” said Rumsfeld, who despite his high office helped carry the wounded from the burning building seven years ago.

9 11 2008

* * * * *

one tear

so many tears, so many broken hearts, broken lives, and broken families. Too many men-soldiers, far too many women-soliders. Too many crying mothers, confused children and grieving spouses.

* * *

Puri, India built by artist Sudashan Pattnaik

I had fallen asleep with the televsion on the BBC. It was the middle of the night when I woke and saw the 2nd plane hit. The phone rang. A friend in USA, distressed; as we talked I watched in shock, disbelieving. Soon though, I believed. September 11th – the world changed.

* * * * *

Camp Liberty in Baghdad – 9 11 Remberance Ceremony

all images from here

Looking over to North Korea from the border. I have been there and down that.

It was another experience that evoked profound sadness in me.

It also caused me to look at my life. To conside what I did with my time and so forth.

I made changes as a result.

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One Response to The World Remembers…

  1. Millie says:

    Hey Jane – great post. We must never, ever forgot the souls lost on that day, so thanks for the very poignant reminder.
    Millie ^_^

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